Eat, Pray and Eat More at Camp Explore

Have you ever felt jealous of Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) after watching the “Eat, Pray, Love” movie? Who wouldn’t want a year off, exploring exotic destinations like India, Bali, and Italy? I’ve spent a week in Ubud a couple of years ago but instead of self-discovery, I explored artsy shops, yoga stores and spas (C’mon guys, we all have weaknesses! Haha). Continue reading “Eat, Pray and Eat More at Camp Explore”

10 Things Foreigners Should Know Before Coming to the Philippines

Even if you’re a Kevin or a John, you will always be a “Joe” to kids waving and smiling as you make your way through the streets of the Philippines.  While I cannot tell you how in history the “Hey Joe!” greeting started, I can assure you it only means you are being welcomed in this tourist-friendly country.

It doesn’t mean, though, that any tourist can do away with mockery and misconduct. After all, the Philippines is just like any other country that expects respect from visitors. Continue reading “10 Things Foreigners Should Know Before Coming to the Philippines”

How to Make the Most of Your Southeast Asia Trip if You’re a Beer Lover

Let me get this straight first: I’m not an expert who can tell which brand of beer in Southeast Asia tastes better than the rest. I am simply a traveler who prefers beer than any other alcoholic drink despite its bitter taste. I love beer, in general. So whether it’s pale ale or lager, it wouldn’t matter.

When I travel, it has always been my rule to “eat local, drink local”. In fact, my first-day itinerary would always include the backpacker’s area. Why? Continue reading “How to Make the Most of Your Southeast Asia Trip if You’re a Beer Lover”

How to Apply for a Philippine Passport (UPDATED)

While a passport is every traveler’s lifeline, it is also important to a non-traveler as a form of identification. And unlike before, getting a passport is as easy as a few clicks and a few steps. I’ll walk you through the process with this updated guide:

Continue reading “How to Apply for a Philippine Passport (UPDATED)”

How to be a Worthy Air Passenger

We’ve all heard about the Air Passenger Bill of Rights. I guess every country has its own. When our flights are cancelled and delayed, or when our complaints fall on deaf ears, we instantly leaf through that government-issued memorandum so we can confidently assert our claims against an airline.  And our rights extend beyond the check-in counter. In-flight, we also have basic rights in terms of how we are treated as passengers. Some of us may have had both good and bad experiences with flight attendants. But how do we know if we have also misused our rights as passengers? Where do we draw the line of respect between the passenger and the cabin crew midair?

Continue reading “How to be a Worthy Air Passenger”

11 Images That Will Make You Want to Visit Myanmar

While Myanmar (formerly Burma) has abundant potential as a tourist destination, it remains lagging behind its neighbors in Southeast Asia. The country has a list of yet unspoiled landscapes and jungles, even its culture is well preserved, holding more appeal to foreign visitors. The styled pagodas and stupas, the Burmese monk sightings, the long-necked women and the Thanaka-covered cheeks of Burmese people – they all make Myanmar unique.  So even as flights to Yangon remain expensive and hotel rates are high, these distinctive features of Myanmar have continued to spark the curiosity in many tourists.

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