11 Images That Will Make You Want to Visit Myanmar

While Myanmar (formerly Burma) has abundant potential as a tourist destination, it remains lagging behind its neighbors in Southeast Asia. The country has a list of yet unspoiled landscapes and jungles, even its culture is well preserved, holding more appeal to foreign visitors. The styled pagodas and stupas, the Burmese monk sightings, the long-necked women and the Thanaka-covered cheeks of Burmese people – they all make Myanmar unique.  So even as flights to Yangon remain expensive and hotel rates are high, these distinctive features of Myanmar have continued to spark the curiosity in many tourists.

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4 Things You Should Know Before Going to Buscalan

If you’re planning to go to Buscalan and get your first tattoo by Apo Whang-Od (pronounced as Fang-Od), you probably have asked around already for a tourist-friendly itinerary. There are, however, things you should prepare for:

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What To Pack On Your First Out-Of-The-Country Trip

You’ve just claimed your fresh-out-of-the-oven passport, the hotel in your destination has confirmed your booking and your flight confirmation print-out has been clinging to your fridge door for weeks. You’re all set for your first out-of-the-country trip! Here comes every traveler’s dilemma whether it’s his first or nth trip –- packing. You may want to have a checklist of what you should bring to avoid those how-the-hell-did-i-forget-to-pack-it moments.

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Want Some Alone Time? Go to Cagbalete

“Are you here alone?”
Surprised, I turned toward the voice. She was about her thirties, a bit plump. She was fanning the hot coals for her grilled squid.
“Yeah, just me.”
“Soul searching?”, the man standing a few feet from her, said teasingly. Her husband, she introduced.
“Nah, I need this for my blog.”
“Ah, blogger.” They both nodded with approval as if they’ve gotten used to seeing lone campers owning the first quiet spot they could find in the tiny island.

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How to Become A Good Traveler

Getting a passport and buying a plane ticket nowadays is as easy as withdrawing cash from an ATM. It only takes a few clicks to do it.

Marked down fares and trip packages are all over the internet. Airline companies expand routes, long weekends and holidays on calendars are marked red. Everyone wants to travel.

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How to Explore Siem Reap Alone

Thanks to TV documentaries and history books, some of us still have jitters when we think of Cambodia. But Siem Reap City, the capital of Siem Reap province, has become an international destination and proved to be tourist-friendly. Hotels, restaurants, businesses sprawl over the city.

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