6 Clever Responses to “Why Are You Travelling Alone?”

Solo getaways are rejuvenating and empowering especially for women. But while you can have your peace, you can also expect little disruptions from nosy travelers who love having pep talks. They usually start off with “Why are you traveling alone?”

So here are some funny and clever responses that would surely keep them at bay and let you be:

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Want Some Alone Time? Go to Cagbalete

“Are you here alone?”
Surprised, I turned toward the voice. She was about her thirties, a bit plump. She was fanning the hot coals for her grilled squid.
“Yeah, just me.”
“Soul searching?”, the man standing a few feet from her, said teasingly. Her husband, she introduced.
“Nah, I need this for my blog.”
“Ah, blogger.” They both nodded with approval as if they’ve gotten used to seeing lone campers owning the first quiet spot they could find in the tiny island.

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