6 Clever Responses to “Why Are You Travelling Alone?”


Solo getaways are rejuvenating and empowering especially for women. But while you can have your peace, you can also expect little disruptions from nosy travelers who love having pep talks. They usually start off with “Why are you traveling alone?”

So here are some funny and clever responses that would surely keep them at bay and let you be:

1. “I’m a reporter and someone tipped me there are terrorists holed up nearby. Have you seen anyone suspicious-looking?”

2. “My shrink advised me to go off alone. I’m having psychotic episodes when strangers talk to me.”

3. “I’m being tailed by my psycho ex-boyfriend, in fact, I can feel him around. You think I can stay with you in your tent?”


4. “I’m on a mission. I go around to warn people about the apocalypse. The world is about to end. We need to change soon! I brought with me a 366-page old scripture so I can prove it to you. Shall we start?”

5. “I can’t be around more people ‘cause I have a lingering illness. I have this virus that’s actually airborne so it’s not even good for you to be anywhere near me.”

6. “I’m wanted for murder. It’s so good to be out here I can do what I want with no chance of getting caught.”


Do you have your own foolproof response to snooping tourists? You can always come up with your own. What matters is that solo or not, you can always pull off a trip that will keep you in love with life.


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