Why Being Broke Shouldn’t Stop You From Traveling


/brōk/ Adjective, informal

Having completely run out of money


Yes, I’m officially broke.  The last money I’ve had was spent on road trips.

I quit my job as English teacher in Thailand after a bad leg accident.  After recovery, my partner and I decided to take that road trip from Thailand to Cambodia to Vietnam.  We were both losing money but we had to do it anyway. We both love traveling! It was his first in Asia so off we went. Continue reading “Why Being Broke Shouldn’t Stop You From Traveling”

Have Passport, Will Travel…Solo

Travelling solo never had much appeal to me until I had no choice but to brave it. Since 2011, I made a pact with myself to tag along friends and celebrate my birthday anywhere but in this country. But the following year, I have decided early on I’m not dragging anyone to wherever my feet would take me.

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