Indochina by Motorbike

“Indochina by motorbike”.  Yeah, it does sound exhilarating especially for travelers across the Indochinese peninsula (Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam).  Crossing borders by motorbike can be one of the greatest adventures one can do.

Photo of motorbikes parked on a sidewalk in Vietnam
Motorbikes are a common sight all over Vietnam, swarming like bees on the roads

Legally, this is possible especially if you have an international license.  But roads in Southeast Asia can be knotty. No matter how experienced you are at riding bikes, accidents happen.

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Coffee Shops That Digital Nomads Would Love in Hanoi

I wouldn’t really call it a trip to the coffee shops because, in Hanoi, it wouldn’t even take ten steps to finding one. Just walk outside your hostel, you’ll find a street café. And when I say street café, I don’t mean those artsy coffee shops.  I mean those stalls with small wooden or plastic chairs lined up along the sidewalk.  Like Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Hanoi has myriad coffee shops.  You can’t even compare one’s brew from the other because the Vietnamese coffee, regardless of whoever sells it, is like weed to coffee lovers. Continue reading “Coffee Shops That Digital Nomads Would Love in Hanoi”

How to Make the Most of Your Southeast Asia Trip if You’re a Beer Lover

Let me get this straight first: I’m not an expert who can tell which brand of beer in Southeast Asia tastes better than the rest. I am simply a traveler who prefers beer than any other alcoholic drink despite its bitter taste. I love beer, in general. So whether it’s pale ale or lager, it wouldn’t matter.

When I travel, it has always been my rule to “eat local, drink local”. In fact, my first-day itinerary would always include the backpacker’s area. Why? Continue reading “How to Make the Most of Your Southeast Asia Trip if You’re a Beer Lover”

Exploring Ho Chi Minh in Three Days

Ho Chi Minh City or more popularly known as Saigon is the most populous urban area in Vietnam. It’s not the populace that would make you dizzy, but, the swarm of scooters moving like bees in a waggling dance in every open space around the metro. If you’re an expert in crossing the streets of any other bustling city in the world, then you won’t have to worry about getting knocked down by motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh. Stoplights can’t help you anyway.

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