Hey there! I’m Sheila.

And I am The Solo Tripper.

I am the creator and the author of this blog. What started out as a plain travel blog has now evolved into a women’s lifestyle blog.

I live in Manila. I’ve too many favorite things to mention but on top of my list are traveling, beer, coffee, Netflix and pizza.

I started my solo travels in 2012. I bought a plane ticket to Cambodia, a gift to myself on my birthday. The idea of The Solo Tripper blog then started.

If you are simply looking for itineraries with a detailed budget and a slideshow of travel photos, this is not the blog for you. I prefer to write about experiences than the costs of my travels. After a long break, The Solo Tripper blog will not only talk about experiences, places, food, and accommodation but personal wellness and relationships as well. My goal is to inspire women towards self-love and empowerment.

Occasionally, I may share bits and pieces of my life but I promise not to bore you with my stories. I intend to use this space as a forum for us, women, as we watch each other’s back in following our passion and achieving our goals. The Solo Tripper blog wants to inspire dreams, love, and power among women.