“Are you okay?”

“Why are you traveling alone?”

“Is that a post-breakup trip?”

“You must be lonely.”

These are just a few of the misconceptions people who travel alone get from those who haven’t traveled on their own (or at all). It’s even a myth that travel can cure loneliness caused by a breakup. Temporarily, I guess…but at the end of your trip and you go back to your normal grind, the reality of your recent loss hits you in the head again. I’d always encourage friends to travel alone. Many would hesitate…until they find themselves grieving a failed relationship and wanting to do some soul searching.

Did you know you don’t have to be heartbroken to do a trip alone? If you can go to church, watch a movie, eat at a restaurant, and go shopping on your own…then you can travel alone.

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t wait to break up with someone before going solo:


Couples need separate vacations too

I’ve met couples in stable relationships who take occasional separate holidays. Even relationship coaches say it’s a healthy way to boost partnerships. Leaving behind your partner is no betrayal or selfishness. Unless one uses the trip as a sneaky escape from his partner, solo trips are good.


The number of solo travelers is growing

You will not run short of company when you travel alone. Stay in a hostel, grab a beer at a crowded bar, sign up for a cooking class, or join a group tour. By the end of the day, you would’ve made new friends out of fellow solo travelers. You can even sign up with solo traveler groups on social media. You might get lucky to find someone in the group headed to your destination.




Solo trips are good for mental health

Stress is part of our daily life. It’s unavoidable. We get worked up by work, family, relationships, finances, and even other people’s problems. We can only train ourselves on how to cope with stress. Travel is one way to cope. Travel buddies can sometimes stress you out with their demands and expectations. Solo trips, on the other hand, are liberating. During the trip, all you need to keep tabs on is your budget, your adventures, and the new friends you go with.


Solo travel is self-love

Self-love isn’t just for single people. When you are in a relationship you need to practice self-love as much as you pour love onto your partner. Otherwise, you’ll feel drained. You’ll end up questioning why your partner isn’t giving you as much as you give him. To prevent this, do things that make YOU happy. Do it alone. You have more time to examine your feelings, thoughts, priorities, and goals. Your focus is on you.


Going solo isn’t always risky

With proper planning, traveling alone is safe for women. I have had a few bad experiences wandering solo in Cambodia and Indonesia but I consider them minor and isolated. Lessons are learned. A perfect trip is a myth. You only need to be vigilant and open-minded to unexpected incidents.


In general, solo traveling can be anyone’s lifestyle…single or married, young or old, lone wolf or extroverted. You don’t need a profound reason to travel alone. You just need to try.

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