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It’s a no-brainer that one like me who practically lived all her life in a tropical region dreams of a white Christmas. While there are popular snow destinations across Asia all year round, there’s something magical about traveling halfway across the world to catch the Christmas snowfall.

Since the holiday season kicked off, I have been snooping on Instagram for white Christmas themed images. I came up with dozens of favorites but I had to narrow it down to 26.  I didn’t base the order of the list on where the coldest winter is.

Most of these images are from various locations in Europe. As we all know, Europe is a favorite destination during summer as well as winter. From Berlin’s Christmas markets to Finland’s ski slopes, there’s no better place to celebrate next year’s Christmas, solo or not. Besides, these Instagram profiles are worth following for droolworthy travel photos.

1. France

It looks like France has a “one-stop” shop for tourists looking for a perfect Christmas holiday. In Paris, you can either choose to be a wild partier or a curious tourist. France also boasts of Courchevel, a French Alps ski resort. It is a part of Les Trois Vallées, the world’s largest linked ski areas.  If it’s the most popular Christmas market that you’re tracking down, head to Strasbourg, in North Eastern France.  


Val d’lsere, French Alps


Pont des Arts, Paris, France

2. Germany

Germany’s temperatures are said to drop below zero during winter.  If you’re after some winter sports, put the Bavarian Alps on your itinerary.  The Bavarian Alps is considered one of the most beautiful landscapes of Germany.  

December is also that time of the year to be guilt-free hopping from one Christmas market to next in Berlin.  They start around the end of November.  The most popular is the Alexanderplatz Christmas market.


Konigsee Lake, Bayern, Germany


Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski resort, Germany

3. Austria

If you made it to the Bavarian Alps, keep going across the border into Austria.  Whether you stay in a ski resort or a small village, snow is guaranteed in the Austrian Tyrol.  Tyrol is a state in the Alps that’s known for its ski resorts.  Its capital city, Innsbruck is surrounded by mountains, giving tourists more picturesque sights. 


Reith bei Kitzbuhel, Tyrol, Austria


Aqua Dome, Langenfeld, Austria

4. Canada

I’ve received different opinions on where the best place is, to have a white Christmas in Canada. One said Ontario, another said Vancouver, and then there’s Quebec City.  I guess it doesn’t matter as long as the snow is guaranteed.  I guess you’ll be the judge if you have spent a Christmas break anywhere in Canada before.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

5. United States

As we all know, Christmas is widely celebrated in the United States.  In fact, Americans kick off their holiday season with Thanksgiving and Black Friday in November.  Alaska, Oregon, and Utah are popular destinations for those who want plenty of snow.  This year, Minneapolis, Denver, and Milwaukee are said to be among those most likely to get a thicker Christmas snow.


Adirondack Mountains, United States

Durham, New Hampshire, United States

6. The Netherlands

The images spell out C-O-L-D in a way it makes you unsure if you can endure it.  The highest probability of snow is around the latter half of December and whole of January.  While some say a white Christmas in Amsterdam is sometimes not guaranteed, I’ve seen snowy images off of Instagram recently.  On the other hand, when snow does fall, it gives everyone an awesome cold experience.


Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Keizersgracht Canal, Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. Sweden

Temperatures average around -1°C in Sweden in the month of December.  Lapland has the lowest temperatures ever recorded in Sweden.  Lapland is in the northernmost part of Sweden.  The skiing season comes in full swing by December.  Sub-zero temperatures can be experienced during the months of December, January, February, and March.  So if you think you won’t be bothered by the cold, book for a white Christmas holiday in Sweden.

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Ornskoldsvik, Vasternorrland, Sweden


Lake Mjorn, Sweden

8. Finland

When you say “Lapland”, you have to say if it’s the Swedish Lapland or the Finnish Lapland.  Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region bordering Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. It is famous for its ski resorts and the Northern Lights. Lapland’s capital, Rovaniemi is the gateway to the region. 


Iso Syote ski resort, Finland


Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

9. Switzerland

If a combination of snow and the mountains is your idea of a white Christmas, Switzerland is the place for you.  Swiss alpine resorts guarantee an abundance of snow over the Christmas season.  Think skiing, snowboarding, and horse-drawn sleighs! The top winter destination in Switzerland is the Jungfrau Region because of its stunning scenery.

Canton of Valais, Switzerland


St. Moritz alpine village, Switzerland

10. Norway

“The Northern Lights, the fjords, the Aurora at sea, and a stay in a Snow hotel”. These are just a few of what a winter holiday in Norway offers!  Norway’s first half of winter runs from October to early January.  Real winter is guaranteed during these months – much snow and frozen nights!  Winter months are described as “dark months” in Norway because when the sun comes out, it usually lasts for about an hour, whoa! In Bergen, the mean temperature in January & February is above zero degrees C.  Averages for Oslo in December are -2°C.  Trysil is Norway’s largest ski destination.


Trysil, Hedmark, Norway


Lillehammer ski resort, Norway

11.  Turkey

Christmas may not be widely celebrated in Turkey but the Holiday lights, decorations, and festivities still make the season felt.  Winter season in Turkey runs from December until February. It’s snowy but there are occasional rains.  If you want to experience skiing and other winter sports in Turkey, winter is the best season to travel. There are fewer tourists during winter but the downside is, ski resorts charge high.


Kars Cildir Golu, Ardahan, Turkey


Lake Golcuk, Turkey

12.  Russia

There’d always be tourists scared of the “Russian winter”. After all, the coldest inhabited place on Earth is in Russia, in a tiny village named Oymyakon.  Winter in Russia sets in in November and lasts until February.  The winters in the north are said to be harsh, with temperatures falling below -40 degrees Celsius. Everything is covered in snow, even during the sunny months.  Russia, however, celebrates the Eastern Orthodox Christmas not in December but in January.  Dog sleighs and snowmobiles are your best bet to make the most of your winter holiday in Russia.


Mikhailo Arhangelsky Cathedral, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


Sevastopol City, Russia

13.  South Korea

Winter in South Korea falls between December and February.  Temperatures are icy cold. This is the perfect time to go to South Korea if skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities are on your agenda.  Christmas is also widely celebrated in South Korea although a majority of the population are Buddhist.  In February 2018, the Winter Olympic Games will be held in Pyeongchang, which is the Earth’s coldest location base on its latitude


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Goyang city, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


Daemyung Vivaldi Park, Seoul, South Korea

Do you have an amazing image on Instagram that you think I should add to this list? Or a wintry destination, perhaps, that needs a mention? Drop your comments below and I’d be happy to update this post.

If I made you wallow in frustration that you didn’t have a white Christmas this year, my apologies! Trust me, you’re not alone. We must remember, though, that Christmas isn’t just a date or a winter wonderland vacation, it is a state of mind.  With this post, I wish you all joy, love, peace, and a renewal of spirit this festive season! (Recommended post: 10 Travel-Inspired Chick Flicks for the Holidays)




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Sheila, a.k.a. The Solo Tripper. Former news desk editor, full-time traveler, freelance writer.

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Sheila, a.k.a. The Solo Tripper. Former news desk editor, full-time traveler, freelance writer.


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Wow fantastic pictures. Definitely some inspiration for my bucket list 💖 thanks for sharing.

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